Best Spanish Movies of All Times to Watch

Spanish movies are known worldwide for their rich plotlines and characters. Stories are usually centered around the everyday lives of simple people.

The movie industry in Spain has moved from watching movies only at cinemas or  DVDs at home. Along with their counterparts in other countries, the industry has veered into using the power of technology to bombard both home and international viewers the best of Spanish movie, film and documentary entertainment. Viewers can watch the best of Spanish entertainment via streaming online channels, and cable tv on mobile devices and TVs.

The collision between the entertainment sector and viewers was made possible by telecommunications companies both at home and abroad. One of such is Sky, which is fast becoming popular in Spain since its entrance into the entertainment scene. The company offers viewers the best of Spanish movies, series and programs through a wide array of channels to choose from. From the latest to the classics.

Another technological breakthrough is the introduction of TVs that are compatible with watching or streaming movies straight from the internet. Known as the internet-enabled TVs. To pick a good tv for such, one has to have knowledge of how such TVs operate.

See below for the best Spanish movies of all time.

1. Pans Labyrinth

Directed by Spanish director Guillermo del Toro. Set in the summer of 1944. Tells the story of an army officer’s stepdaughter stumbling into a world of fantasy. Won 3 awards each at the Academy Awards and BAFTAs.

2. Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales)

A dark comedy focusing on the effects of depression on human behavior. It was nominated for an Academy Award, Palmer d’Or, Cannes Film Festival, BAFTA, and Goya Awards, all in 2014.

3. Todo Sobre Mi Madre

All about my mother. Directed by prolific Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. Stars Penélope Cruz and Cecilia Roth. Tells the story of an HIV pregnant nun who loses her son in an accident and has to find his father to tell him the news.

It won the award for Best Foreign Film Language at both the Oscars and Golden Globes awards in 1999. It won more awards at the Goya and BAFTA awards.

4. The Motorcycle Diaries

Starring Gael Garcia Bernal as a 23-year-old Ernesto “Che” Guevara, taking a tour of South America. This ultimately became the opium for his rise from a nobody to the Marxist-driven revolutionary guerrilla commander. A must-watch if you want to know the man Che Guevara and how he became known for the things he stood for.

5. Biutiful

Centered around the life of a father dying of cancer and struggling to cater for his 2 children while dealing with his alcoholic spouse. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. Released in 2010 and nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars.

6. Roma 

Directed by Spanish director Alfonso Cuarón and based on the daily life of his real-life nanny at her place of work. It was nominated for many awards at the Academy Awards.

7. Los lunes al sol

Mondays in the sun depict the lives of a group of men left unemployed when the shipyard they work with in Northern Spain is suddenly closed. Stars Spanish actor Javier Bardem.

Spanish movies have gradually become a mighty contender for film awards, especially at the international level. Award ceremonies have seen more Spanish movies, actors, actresses, and filmmakers win many awards.