Entrepreneurial ‘Luck’ Secrets in 3 Simple Steps

Explosive research is one way to restore fragmentation in the midst of the Corona virus (Covid-19). On top of what will be the construction of the bridge. Vice President, Corporate Communications PT. Satria Hamid said through Trans Retail Indonesia.

One of them is the Transmart Home Delivery software sharpening. The program was successful and the infrastructure continues to mature. The other is the development of internet business.

Retailers at the same time: “This means retailers at the same time”. As for hash or ibid, you will see the schedule you plan on opening and returning to.

Was Disturbed During the Pandemic Period

This woman from Bogor also said that her business was disrupted during the Covid-19 pandemic, there were no new project orders at the beginning of the pandemic.

Instead, Icha took out her personal savings so that the operational process could continue and paid the 15 people who worked for her.

It was only at the beginning of the second semester of 2020 that the business started to improve. Because at that time the online shop owner had returned to promotion. Icha also “picks up the ball” by taking a persuasive-optimistic approach to online shop owners to keep on promoting.