Online Branding Disasters And How To Learn From Them

Businesses have become increasingly interested in being online in the past 5 years, and that’s no surprise. The ease of creating websites, the affordability of hosting and more marketing agencies offering their services than ever, it is much more difficult to find a gap in any market these days. One factor of your business that is going to increase your conversions is simple, and to be honest, this should be done right the first time as it can seriously hinder your results. Branding.

Branding is the one thing that is going to cause disruption to the market and branding is the one thing that you need to portray your views, goals and your overall business. Unfortunately, it is far too common for businesses to create bad branding or have made huge mistakes that have cost them money in the long run. In this article, we will go through some of the top online branding disasters and how to learn from them.

Brand Identity Without A Strategy

Creating a brand that has a meaning behind it is what is going to create disruption and hedge your bets over your competitors. When businesses are started, they often go straight into creating a brand logo, well how are going to do this if you have no strategy? Anything sone partially is going to last a short while and then flop, take your time and do it right the first time.

To understand your identity, you need to delve deep into what your business stands for, who your target market is, where your business is positioned against your competitors as well as where you want to be in 5 years. Once you have these answers, you can then start thinking about your identity. If this is something you are struggling with, ensure you hire a branding agency Manchester based for some of the best talents in the UK.

Creating No Brand Guidelines

When you start a business, you will obviously have the right documents as well as rules and regulations for how your employees should be working and behaving. Just like your business has rules, your branding needs guidelines as this is what is going to tell everyone in your business or service providers what colours you should use for branding, the design, the tone of voice and much more. This in turn helps your branding to remain consistent and reliable across multiple platforms. 

Here are some simple guidelines for your branding needs:

  • Correct logo usage and placement
  • The brand writing style, tone and voice
  • Visuals and imagery
  • Colour schemes
  • Fonts and typography

Cheap Logo Design

Your logo design is going to be the most visual part of your brand, so it needs to resonate with your audience as well as encourage people to feel what you are trying to portray. Your logo must create an impression for your customers, so it needs to be recognisable and easy to remember. There are countless brands out there that have not thought about their logo and simply just use its name as a logo.

This isn’t good enough and it won’t encourage people to remember you. Buy cheap, buy twice, and this is 100% true for many brands who do not consider the importance of branding or logo design. If you have been struggling to build a concept, then a design agency in Leeds can significantly help your progress in this area.

There are many ways in which branding can do wrong, but by creating brand guidelines and a thorough brand strategy, you will have some great foundations to start a successful brand that resonated with your audiences.