The Criteria for Hiring Drone Pilots

The drone is certainly the star tool of our decade. Its multiple possibilities of use in different sectors of civilian activity have launched it to the forefront of scientific research and industrial production. Its development is such that now, knowing how to pilot a drone becomes a profession. We are thus witnessing the emergence of professional drone pilots. Before you hire a specific drone operator, there are factors you need to check.

Why Hire a Professional Drone Pilot?

The professionalism of drone pilots for hire is important for two main reasons. First of all, flying a drone is not child’s play. There are risks to other people and their property in the event of a single mishandling. Then, the needs are precise, especially in a B2B context. Anyone who recruits a professional drone pilot has specific expectations, which requires mastery of this art. They will not be satisfied with just any hobbyist, who actually only knows how to handle joysticks.

Also, the regulations declared themselves in favor of a strict regulation of this activity in 2012. Controlling the piloting of a drone is now the responsibility of the General Directorate in charge of Civil Aviation (DGAC) and in particular of the Directorate in charge of Civil Aviation Safety. These Administrations regulate the profession and also govern access to the profession itself in France.

The Drone Used by the Pilot

Certainly, a good drone pilot for hire should have all the technical skills required to take great aerial photos and videos. But they also need the best equipment. Here, the quality of the drone they use really matters. Regardless of the category of the camera, the most important thing is that it can take top quality images.

You can pay attention to the brand of the drone. Some brands are more reliable than others. However, this is not the only criterion to be seen. It is quite possible to get wonderful aerial footage with a less prestigious camera. It is necessary to learn about the creations of the professional in order to have a better idea of his capacities.

A Drone Pilot’s Character Traits

The best drone pilots have a few qualities in common. Here are some of them that will help you find the right operator:

  • The capacity for maximum and uninterrupted concentration;
  • The sense of direction;
  • Autonomy and the ability to take initiatives;
  • Calm and sharp reflexes;
  • Good listening and communication skills.