The original stool is made of wood

Country house with a plot opens up many possibilities for its original design and repair. Since I have a lot of dry wood available, I decided to make a bench out of solid oak.

Choosing a suitable log using a chainsaw, sawing lengthwise in half. The kernel turned out to be a bit sleazy, but this led me to the original solution.

Collection of stools

After removing the bark from the subject (surprisingly troublesome), he perforated the rotten medicine for solid wood. After polishing, a corrugated groove is obtained.

As bench support, of course I use tree trunks, also made of oak. He also removed the bark and polished the wood. On the back of the bench I cut a V-shaped recess and a few support blocks so that they have a large contact area with the ground and seats.

Now it’s time to assemble the bench into one design. To attach the chair to the ladder, I drilled 4 holes in each groove. I put a metal pin in it, after which I put a wooden gap on it and hit it with a sledgehammer to get a symmetrical mark on which to drill holes in the carrier. Then he poured wood glue into the holes and inserted the wooden bolts (pegs). The seat on the stairs also missed the glue and the top of the bench was planted.

Finish the bench

I decided to fill the niche in the chair with acorns and fill it with clear epoxy. Not before said than done! In the forest, my son and I collect a lot of acorns, sort and clean them, then dry them in the oven.