What is HCFSE?

HCFSE is High-Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract found in cannabis. It is a process that helps with cannabinoid preservation using hydrocarbon extraction. Another name is hash oil, filled with wonderful flavors and aroma, combining the cannabinoids to provide your body with benefits. It provides you will all the strength and taste of the plant, embracing the plant compounds with a high concentration of cannabis. So if you need one of the best ways to get all the therapeutic value out of the cannabis plant, HCFSE is what you need.

What exactly is HCFSE?

It is a total extraction of all the therapeutic compounds extracted from the (trichomes) cannabis plant comprising tiny crystals found on the cannabis strains. With a full-spectrum extraction, there are fats, waxes, or lipids found. For this reason, High-Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract is a high-quality product found in crystal form. When broken down, it comes over as follow:

  • Terpene that is generally above 20%
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is usually around 55%, and when it remains in its sugar form, it can reach 90% or more.
  • The cannabinoid levels are between 20-30%
  • While the trichomes are around 20 to 30%

For the full-spectrum extract to remain solvent-free, manufacturers put it through a process to remove the wax and vacuum purged it to clean it. The main goal is for users to recognize the cannabis concentrate to appreciate it with their senses. For this reason, it creates a distinctive cannabis profile. It does not undergo any form of chemical alteration using oxidation or decarboxylation. Therefore, the THC still needs heat for activating it using decarboxylation when using it.

What is the difference between HTFSE and HCFSE?

HTSFE stands for High Terpene Full-Spectrum, while HCFSE means High-Cannabinoid Full-Spectrum extraction. When referring to the cannabis plant, two words keep coming up; cannabinoids and terpenes. Both these compounds have high therapeutic benefits with medicinal properties.

The supremacy of the extraction occurs when curing the flower. HTSFE has a lower content of cannabinoid while HCFSE is higher. In HTFSE, the terpene is around 40%, with the THC around 40% before the decarboxylation. However, both are closely related, and the extraction is alike. The only difference is that the solution separates naturally into two mediums. The one is oily while the other is vicious.

For this reason, the terpene content is high in the oily section. At the same time, the viscous is sugary with an increased range of cannabinoids. To separate the two is easy and similar; however, it forms distinctive products.

Getting HCFSE Sauce

The HCFSE sauce has high levels of THC and terpenes is seen as a luxury product. The cannabinoid profile needs to remain as close as possible, resulting in a high-quality product. The method to use the product is dabbing as it is a full-plant extract with a full flavor. The majority of HCFSE products available are made from the frozen fresh flowers. The reason is to keep the compound from losing its therapeutic values when extracted.

To find quality HCFSE is not easy as the extraction techniques are still new as many have not mastered it to perfection yet. You will need quality high-tech equipment. The leader in the market is Buzzed Extracts, a Canadian based company that provides both HTSFE and HCFSE products. However, if you are browsing online for HCFSE products, make sure to verify the authenticity first.