What Is Weed Shatter Wax?

Shatter is one of the most photogenic and beautiful types of marijuana available on the market right now. It goes by different names such as shatter weed, shatter wax, and marijuana shatter. It gives users a new potent way to vape some of the best strains available these days. But what is it, and how do experts define it?

Shatter Wax

Experts define it as a type of cannabis extract that forms when extracting the plant’s essential oil containing terpenes, cannabinoids, and other chemical compounds in the plant. It also refers to the texture of the translucent cannabis concentrate as it breaks like glass.

The extract forms as it passes through solvents such as hexane, isopropyl, butane, or CO2. It produces a thick gold amber-colored cannabis oil that is full of the plant’s active chemical compounds. Manufacturers purge the solvent from the shattered oil with heat and vacuum.

Cannabis concentrates come in different forms, including crumble, honeycomb, live resin, wax, budder, sap, and shatter.

How Do You Use Shatter?

With Shatter, you vaporize it using a vape pen or a special dab rig with a water pipe. The potency ranges between 50% to 90% cannabinoids according to weight. The product is fast to use, efficient, and smoke-free. If you decide to use a vape pen, you need one designed to use cannabis extract like shatter or wax. The vape pen has an atomizer heating rapidly, bringing the shatter to a vaporizing point.

With shatter wax, you can place it in the heating chamber of the vape, as with other marijuana extracts. Once it heats up, it melts, turning into the vapor you can inhale. The traditional way is dabbing as you apply pieces of it onto a hot surface of a quarts bucket, hot titanium, or nail. It rapidly warms up to vaporize with the surface and inhale the vapor through the water chamber.

What Makes Shatter Wax Different?

The fact is there is not much difference between shatter wax and other forms of cannabis extracts. All are consumed in similar ways with the same potency range. The most significant difference is the cosmetics. Shatter wax has an amber/gold color and transparent. It has to do with the molecule extraction in the cannabinoids oil. The molecules are all stacked together in straight rows on top of one another. It allows light to pass through to give it a glass-like appearance.

Another form of shatter manufacturers stir whip or shake different times to give it a cloudy appearance. While shatter, they do not agitate, giving it its translucent appearance. However, when the molecules become distributed with the methods mentioned, it forms an irregular structure allowing less light through. Another reason why people call it shatter is that the substance is hard and cracks like glass when it breaks.

Does Shatter Have Benefits?

The main benefit is when you dab shatter, the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream faster. As it enters your body quickly, you need not use it much. Furthermore, you do not inhale large amounts of the plant burning. You can dab once or twice a day by only dabbing or inhaling the smoke in a vape pen. The product lasts longer as well.