White Label Softphone

White label is when a company uses its own brand name or logo from an end product instead of the manufacturer’s.  It is like at the grocery store when you see products all over the place with their own packaging.

A softphone lets you make phone calls using an internet connection using something other than a phone.  It is software that is installed on computers, desktops, or mobile devices.

So, if you are thinking about using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can use a white label softphone.  That means you will use some application that was not developed in house but can use your brand to customize the calls.  In this way you create a greater impact on your potential customers.

Developing the application in house can take years and technical specialists, which will be expensive.  However, using white labels allows the company to have ownership of the softphone system right now without the cost of development, testing, and support services.

Softphones, also called mobile SIP (Session Initiation Protocols) dialers, as a white label will present the brand name as the identifier to the recipient of the phone call.  A company or organization can acquire a white label softphone by:

•         On boarding a softphone app developer and then customizing it their needs

•         Using a software multi-tenancy contract.  This is where the basic softphone app is the same but each user has access to a different set of features.

As you can tell, if you are working in VoIP, it makes economic sense to go with a softphone and good marketing sense to use white label.


As you make your decision about a softphone app, look for one that you can choose the features you need or want.  There is no reason to pay for a feature that will not enhance your product.  Most offer call forward and transfers, video conferencing, smart contacts, rich messaging, and more.  Go with the provider that offers the best security and compatibility across devices and formats.


Find a provider that will let you work at your own speed.  Many businesses make a tragic mistake expanding before they are ready.  If you choose your softphone provider correctly, you will be able to take advantage of the latest tech instead of feeling forced into more operation than you are prepared for.


Within a matter of weeks you have a fully operational system.  Instead of a large IT staff, you can allocate your human resource budget to staff that can turn contacts into sales.  You will still get the best of audio and video capabilities as well as compatibility with your other programs.


You have invested time and money into your own brand and logo.  Using a white label allows you to continue that strategy and build more customer loyalty and visibility without spending money on R & D in your VoIP system.

Furthermore, all of your sensitive information, including payments, bills, rates, profit, are never available to the softphone provider.

When you add it all up, white label softphone is the way to improved your business opportunities at the best price around.